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Alert: Altair Healthcare Notice/Warning To Job Applicants - It has come to our attention that there are fraudulent organisations, including one called InterAcademyEnglish, which are falsely alleging on social media that they are subsidiaries of Altair Healthcare, or that they are an agency recruiting on behalf of Altair Healthcare. These fraudsters are promising candidates care jobs in the UK, and asking them to pay to get care jobs. This is a scam. We have no subsidiaries, we do not use agencies for recruitment, and we are not affiliated with any organisation. We do our own recruitment, and we only accept job applications made via this website.

The above applicant has applied to Altair Healthcare Limited for the position of Home Care Worker, and has provided your name as a referee. We would be grateful If you would reply to the following questions regarding this applicant and provide in confidence any information of which you are aware regarding his/her character and suitability to perform the role and associated duties of the position applied for.